About us 

We are your best choice as a Sterling Silver wholesaler!


Joyería Marisol is a silver wholesaler with more than 25 years of experience. Where you will find a catalog with more than 5,000 models to choose from.

We stand out for being specialists in 925 silver alliances with a catalog that contains more than 60 models, always having stock of tatum numbers from 8 to 32.

In Jewelry Marisol we want to offer you the most cordial welcome to our online store and invite you to visit us regularly. The customer service, as well as the professional and continuous management of our store, allows us to offer innovative products to meet your needs and that of your customers  with high quality design elements and finishes at the most competitive prices. 


Thank you for your trust!


Make your purchases comfortably from your home, work or where you have access to the Internet, obtaining benefits in costs and substantial gain in time. Guaranteeing a national delivery service for 30-35 working days.

Our customer service department looks after the final satisfaction of all our consumers, offering assistance at all times, from purchase to delivery. 

To be a leader in the commercialization of silver jewelery, using quality material. In addition to our excellent deal with the customer and the low prices that are what sets us apart from the rest of our competitors. 


Develop a new line of business that allows us to have a sustained growth in the short, medium and long term by marketing silver jewelry products and silver-plated articles from this website.